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Block Knowledge is a startup venture studio for underrepresented founders to rapidly validate, launch, and grow their business through our Venture Studio. Founders leave with the knowledge to raise money to scale their tech startups. 

Mission & Vision

Foster equality in entrepreneurial opportunities for the underestimated founder

Block Knowledge empowers the underestimated founder to realize their fullest potential and to impact the universe through entrepreneurial STEM innovation by providing access to equitable opportunities, mentorship, apprenticeship, and support & development.


What We Doknowledge


Product Development

This 12 weeks course for non-technical builders & career seekers is focused on UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) creation. Builders learn how to create the ultimate user experience for their mobile app, website, product, and or service. 


Business Validation

Block Knowledge offers a 16-week hybrid online + in person cohorts that leads founders through structured curriculum, mentor sessions, and receive expert training from seasoned investors and funded-founders. Upon completion of the rigorous training program, Founders are equipped with the knowledge, network, and know-how to successfully raise capital to scale their tech startups & businesses.



The Karatu Fellowship Program is a 3-9 month training program that assist technology professionals and college students to up-skill their knowledge within product development. UIUX, Cyber Security, and DevOps. The Fellowship offers valuable opportunities for professional development through mentorship, apprentiships, and internship experiences

Validating New Ideas!

Solving Big Problems!

Block Knowledge powers community impact by supporting job creation through startup creation. Our founders have raised over $10M in grants, angel funding, and venture capital. We have two exits and one M&A.


Programming Language

Block Knowledge Launches 2021 Block Founders Program.

In The Block Knowledge first boarding meeting which took play on the 28th of January, 2020. The board, after careful consideration decided to annouced the opening of applications to the 2021 Block Founders Program. Block Knowledge teaches a 6 week Product Development...

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Our Partners

We Partner with Companies and Individuals across the world in our mission to spread opportunities and facilitate Founders and Enterpreneurs

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